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Argumentative Writing: Dress for Success Resources

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The following links will take you to resources all student will visit. You will read and review this information independently. You will gather information and cite any resources you reference in your essay.

So,... you job on this page is record the URL, the title, and the author of each resource. Record information. If you use a word document, but beware of plagiarism...

Gather information to support your position on the topic at hand. Be sure to gather relevant evidence that is logical and adds to your authority.

Think ...




Information you collect should support your cause and help people understand why you have take the position - for or against the current Dress for Success initiative.

Visit These Resources

Today you are going to do the following:

  1. Read the prompt - CLICK HERE
  2. Go to informational resources - CLICK HERE
  3. Consider your position on the topic presented in the prompt - CLICK HERE
  4. Print-up an outline to help you - CLICK HERE
  5. Create an idea flow/graphic organizer to outline your essay. This is due tomorrow.