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Reading Notes

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This page contains many of the notes taken in Reading. Each entry is dated. They are listed with the most recent first.
To see what notes were taken in August, scroll to the bottom of the page.


Active Reading: 3 Important Phases


Annotations is Useful Before Reading, Too!

Below is an example of annotation with the purpose of pre-reading to help create a prediction. When annotating for predictive purposes, always search for the 5W's + H : Who, What, Where, Why, When

The above questions are from "Sea Devil", This annotation was completed during the week of September 2, 2016

Character Change: The Focus of Our Literary Analysis (First Quarter/Second Quarter)

Character Analysis is all about transformation. It is classified under characterization. Just like in real life, characters grow, expand, and change as a result of experiences. When looking at character change in literature, you want to look for a transformation.

Transformation is meaningful change. It can be positive or negative. There can be a change in physical appearance, knowledge, skill, understanding, or perspective. (There are many more ways we can observe change in people, but this is our focus.)

This video summarizes character change. If you can narrate each slide in the video and provide details about the significance of each in a way that you could teach someone about character change, you are on your way to identifying characterization with in the literature you read.