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How to Write an Objective Summary

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An objective summary is a written paragraph that is without emotion.
You will be  asked to write these types of summaries throughout your educational career. There are going to be times in your personal life when you'll need to call on your objective writing skills.
Today's post includes the graphic organizers we discussed in class today. Use these as a guide and writing objective summary paragraphs will a simple task in the future.



Your first sentence in structured like this:
If you created a formula out of it, it would look like this...
Title/Author + Verb + Central Idea


Key details come directly from the text, BUT they are NOT explicit quotations with citation.
  • You must paraphrase.
  • You must use Writing Tools.
  • You must use transitions.
When collecting information you can create a bulleted list and include main points/events like the graphic below.

Identify Structure
As you read your passage or article, identify how the information is structure and what the purpose is of the article. You consideration will lead you to the most appropriate verb for your summary. This is the verb you will use at the start of your summary.
A piece of writing may be representative of multiple verbs, but your task is to choose the most appropriate one for the resources you're summarizing.

Below is a picture of the entire graphic organizer we worked through today. You copied it in your English spirals. Use this for future reference when completing your Science Article Summaries

Sample Objective Summaries