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What is Power Writing

PowerWriting: An Brief Overview What is Power Writing? ·         Power Writing is a writing system that assigns a number to eac...


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Hello, it's Ms. Beck...

Here's a little about me. I am a self-professed learning geek. I read and gather information not to just have the information in my head, but to get the benefits of growth.

I want to grow my grey matter for as long as I can. SO, I read, write, and think every day. My brain is my toy box. When the school day ends, my thinking goes on an on!

I have two lovable cats. One beautiful daughter, and an amazing husband. Family and friends are very important to me. After all, relationship is the foundation of life.

We are all meant to support one another, to learn from one another, and to give to one another. I believe with compassion, mutual respect, and the willingness to contribute to community, we all have the power to change the world!