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Argumentative Prompt: Dress for Success

6:45 PM Viv Beck 0 Comments

As you have discovered, research reveals a great deal of support to the idea that we are judging creatures. We are impacted by first impression and we impact others with how we present ourselves to other the very first time. This is an undeniable truth.

But, what about the need for self-expression. If we are required to participate in a Dress for Success environment, would we still be able to maintain independence and present ourselves to the world as the people we were really meant to be?

Some support the idea of requiring young people to participate in a district-wide initiative which calls all students to were clothing that is professional. They believe it is has a positive impact on character development. While others believe such a program would have  a negative impact on the creative expression of young people and ultimately stifle their creativity.

Your Writing Assignment

  • Role: You are an 8th grade graduate
  • Audience: School Board
  • Format: Argumentative Essay
  • Task: Persuade the School Board to decide on in favor of your position on the new dress code initiative



The local School Board and school administrators believe students in todays classrooms should be given every opportunity for success. The 21st century presents many challenges to the teachers and students in the present learning communities, and district leadership have presented a new dress code initiative to support the emotional, social, and academic growth of the students.

This initiative is call the, "The Dress for Success". Leadership is proposing that students - and teachers alike - wear professional clothing four out of five days each week. They believe this will help create a positive culture in the schools and nurture a stronger understanding of how presentation impacts the progress of individuals.

Starting next school year, the district leadership is hoping to require the students and teachers to wear professional clothing Monday through Thursday each week. Fridays will be reserved for casual dress. The teachers, students, and community members will be voting on this initiative in two weeks. If it passes, professional dress with be a permanent  requirements in the school policy.

Your job is make a presentation to public in order to persuade them to vote on the new initiative in favor of your desired outcome. But first, you must write an argumentative paper to gain clarity of your position, gather significant evidence, consider the counterpoint, and present a rebuttal, call to action.  All of these are required feature in argumentative writing..

Today you are going to do the following:

  1. Read the prompt - CLICK HERE
  2. Go to informational resources - CLICK HERE
  3. Consider your position on the topic presented in the prompt - CLICK HERE
  4. Print-up an outline to help you - CLICK HERE
  5. Create an idea flow/graphic organizer to outline your essay. This is due tomorrow.