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Argumentative Writing: Consider your position... 15 Questions

3:13 PM Viv Beck 0 Comments

Answer the following questions. Be able to explain them to your self in detail. In fact, you should be able to have a conversation with someone and communicate your position with solid reasons and evidence as support.

Read these questions. Answer them in your head... then share the answers with a partner. Conversation is always good to gain clarity. AND, you  might learn something or gain new insight from talking to someone else.

Questions You Need to Consider About the Issue

  1. Do you think clothing is an important form of expression?
  2. What is the most significant impact on first impressions?
  3. Do you find you judge people more based on appearance of behavior?
  4. If you had to dress for success 4/5 days a week, how would adjust?
  5. How do student treat each other with regard to the way they dress?
  6. When you attend a formal event, what is your typical clothing of choice?
  7. When you go to the beach how do you dress?
  8. If you are attending a wedding, what do you wear.
  9. How would you explain the difference between a formal and an informal event?
  10. What do you consider a formal event? What makes it formal?
  11. What do you consider an informal event? What makes it informal?
  12. Does the way you dress impact how you feel about yourself?
  13. Do you dress differently when you feel motivated and excited than when you feel sad and depressed?
  14. Do you think you can guess accurately what a person's character is like based on the clothing they wear?
  15. Is school a formal or informal place?

After chewing on these questions and answers a while, I think you may grow a better understanding of your position on the "Dress for Success" initiative.

Today you are going to do the following:

  1. Read the prompt - CLICK HERE
  2. Go to informational resources - CLICK HERE
  3. Consider your position on the topic presented in the prompt - CLICK HERE
  4. Print-up an outline to help you - CLICK HERE
  5. Create an idea flow/graphic organizer to outline your essay. This is due tomorrow.